IMPORTANT: our YHSC program now uses Track It Forward to track our members.Track It Forward is an easy to use volunteer management solution which also includes an app for smartphones. NEW ADMINISTRATORS:If you're currently subscribed to our database you'll need to contact our office to schedule a training as soon as possible. 

Youth Health Service Corps (YHSC)

YHSC is an award winning health career recruitment program that engages middle and high school students in quality service learning projects that address pressing community health issues.
Through service, YHSC members explore health careers while acquiring real life experience working with under-served populations in community health care settings.
Successful YHSC members complete the following YHSC Program Components

  •   • 5 Module Curriculum
  •   • CPR Certification
  •   • Service Learning Project

YHSC Program Standards

The YHSC Program is based on the following standards:

Start a YHSC Program

With an annual YHSC Subscription you receive the tools, training and support you need to sustain a Youth Health Service Corps Program!


Curriculum Guide
Service Learning Guide
Marketing Materials
Evaluation & Tracking

Biannual Program Coordinator Webinar
AHEC-NATION Database Training

Ongoing technical support

Combining the powerful YHSC Curriculum and Service Learning Guides and ongoing training and technical assistance gives you everything needed to start a local YHSC Program.

Annual YHSC Subscription Flat Fee only $599!
(new regions require a one-time setup fee of $300)

YHSC Program components

Curriculum Guide
YHSC Volunteer Training prepares students for volunteer service.
Each of the training modules has a corresponding PowerPoint
presentation for facilitator use and hands-on activities with handouts.
The YHSC Curriculum Guide is aligned with the National Health Care
Skill Standards and guides facilitators in instructional methods to
assure quality outcomes for students.

    Module 1. Leadership and Service Learning
    Module 2. Vulnerable Populations & Cultural Competency
    Module 3. Legal and Ethical Issues
    Module 4. Health Career Exploration
    Module 5. Health Care Skills

YHSC members commit to completing a service project addressing
a press community health need.  The Service Learning Project Guide
is aligned with the K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice
and guides facilitators in the service learning process to assure quality outcomes for students. 

Sample Curriculum
Objectives for Volunteer Training

Tracking and Evaluation

AHEC Nation Database

The AHEC-NATION Database has the following features that empower your AHEC to implement the YHSC Program and assess outcomes:

  •   •  Tracking member demographics, service hours and program assessment
  •   •  Downloadable reports that are useful for grant seeking,
          HRSA reporting, etc.
  •   •  Electronic access to YHSC Program materials including the Curriculum
          Guide and Service Learning Guide
  •   •  Electronic access to YHSC Program materials including the Curriculum
          Guide and Service Learning Guide
  •   •  Access to all YHSC Program enhancements
  •   •  Electronic communication with YHSC members
  •   •  Participation in national program assessment
Evaluation Reports

YHSC Evaluation Reports: 
2015-2016 Evaluation
2014-2015 Evaluation
2013-2014 Evaluation
2012-2013 Evaluation
2010-2011 Evaluation