Mental Health First Aid Corps Host Site Application

BECOME A Mental Health First Aid cORPS Host SITE

Since 1994, AmeriCorps has established a tradition of national service involving more than 80,000 Americans of all ages and backgrounds in intensive, results-driven service strengthening communities across the nation.


WHAT Mental Heath First Aid Corps AmeriCorps Members ACHIEVE

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Corps engages AmeriCorps members of all ages and backgrounds to meet critical mental health needs in communities across the nation. MHFA Corps AmeriCorps members focus on direct service implementing Adult and Youth MHFA certification classes and capacity building and fundraising related to mental health projects.


HOW Health360 FITS IN

Health360 leads the MHFA Corps in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) National Direct AmeriCorps and the National Council for Behavioral Health. The MHFA Corps is currently awarded 20 full-time AmeriCorps members slots from CNCS.  MHFA Corps members are trained as MHFA instructors by the National Council for Behavioral Health.  Health360 handles reporting, administrative requirements and compiling performance measure data for your AmeriCorps member so you can focus on building effective programs that improve people’s lives and your community. We help you navigate AmeriCorps compliance requirements, provide you with the training you need to be successful, and offer mentoring as you develop a successful MHFA Corps program.



An AmeriCorps member can improve your organization’s capacity to address mental health needs in your community through service.

Currently the MHFA Corps goals are to:

  1. Implement MHFA certification classes
  2. Build capacity at host sites to address unmet community mental health care needs
  3. Fundraise to support mental health focused programs

We are happy to talk to you about your organization and the work you do to work towards a potential partnership.



  1. A chance to change the world
  2. A modest living stipend of $13,732 during their year of service
  3. Student loan deferment, health insurance options, and if eligible, childcare allowance
  4. Upon successful completion of a 1700 hour service year, a Segal Education Award of $5,920, to pay for college, student loans, graduate school, or vocational school. The award can be transferred to a child or grandchild for members who are serving at ages 55 and older.
  5. Professional development and training



Health360 expects all our host sites to work with us to make the MHFA Corps a transformational experience for the AmeriCorps members, a valuable partnership for your organization, and an effective tool for addressing community mental health needs.

Host sites commit to:

  1. Partnering with Health360 to recruit an AmeriCorps member(s) for your host site
  2. Clear/consistent communication with Health360 and your AmeriCorps member(s)
  3. Bi-weekly AmeriCorps member timesheet submission
  4. Monthly host site supervisor meetings via conference call
  5. Timely submission of AmeriCorps member performance evaluation
  6. $7,000 non-refundable financial contribution upon award of AmeriCorps member slot (click here for sample budget)
  7. Incur adequate in-kind expenses to ensure program success including travel costs associated with MHFA Instructor training
  8. Implementation of the MHFA Corps Policies & Procedures
  9. Certification of at least 125 people in MHFA
  10. Assure that AmeriCorps member service is limited to activities that are compliant with non-supplantation, non-duplication and non-displacement restrictions (Details)



  1. Submit application
  2. Designate a site supervisor for your potential AmeriCorps member
  3. Sign and submit a Host Site Agreement and commit $7,000 of financial contribution – One year agreement(Sample Host Site Agreement)
  4. Participate in AmeriCorps member recruitment, with guidance from Health360
  5. Participate in site supervisor webinar training
  6. AmeriCorps member participates in MHFA Instructor Training – Location and Date to be determined – Host site supports associated travel expenses