Collegiate Health Service Corps (CHSC)

The Collegiate Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a state-wide, service-learning program represented at five Connecticut universities. The Northwestern CT College Corps is composed of Western CT State University and UCONN-Waterbury students.
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Why Join?

  •   • Make a difference in one of the neediest areas of public health
  •   • Be a leader in eliminating health disparities and improving health literacy.
  •   • Build camaraderie with other pre-health career students.
  •   • Gain extensive volunteer and community outreach experience.
  •   • Receive mentorship and guidance during academic training and application to graduate      medical programs.
  •   • Gain valuable knowledge about current trends in public health through three levels of      core training and diverse, hands-on experiences.
  •   • Build cultural competency skills and develop professional relationships with outreach      communities.



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What do WestConn & UCONN-Waterbury CHSC Students Do?

What do UCONN-WTBY & WestConn CHSC Students Do?

Service-learners become trained at three progressive levels including the following components:

  •   • cultural competency
      • health disparities
      •  health education delivery
      •  health screenings (blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI)
      • CPR & First Aid
      •  Medical Reserve Corps

Service-Learning Site Examples:

  •   • migrant farms
  •   • soup kitchens
  •   • children’s after school programs
  •   • rehabilitation centers
  •   • elementary schools
  •   • shelters, nursing homes
  •   • Federal Correctional Facility
  •   • Other medical facilities

Trained Students present health education to diverse populations on preventative health topics such as:

  •   • Diabetes,
  •   • Cardiovascular disease & Hypertension,
  •   • Osteoporosis,
  •   • Nutrition
  •   • Tuberculosis & H1N1
  •   • Cancer prevention
  •   • back care & safety
  •   • oral health & vision care
  •   • emergency preparedness   

CHSC 2014

The mission of the program is to recruit college students into health careers while providing outreach opportunities to promote preventative healthcare to the underserved communities.